06 2015

Website UpdatesBrandon Milburn 6/9/15

So I do not know if anyone has noticed, but I am horrible at actually updating the “Updates” section of the site. The Kickstarter came and went along with a number of additions to the website. It seems like I do a bunch of work on the website then forget to post any of it. I am working on making more frequent posts to this section to keep everyone apprised though.

A few of the updates include that we now have separate web pages for the three major games we have been working on. Also we have free downloads of the original Lucid Gaming System up on the respective game page.

I am working on getting all of the technical details worked out for our web store such as taxes, shipping, and more. We are using Ecwid for our shopping cart thanks to their low costs plus the good quality and security they provide. On another technical note we are using PayPal for all credit card processing.

Eventually I will have this section customized for easy updating, but right now I have been the only person posting updates here because I am the only one who is editing the website code. We are considering using a Wordpress plug-in for blogging instead of this, but only if I never get around to making it easier for my cohorts to easily post to this updates section.

So I will hopefully do a better job of actually getting this sections updated more than just once in a blue moon and actually move to a more regular update schedule.