04 2015

Elementalism KickstarterBrandon Milburn 4/4/15

Our Kickstarter for Elementalism is launching May 1 and is our current focus. Even though we love designing new games and we cannot wait to work on Heroes & Hydras or Lucid more, all of our effort is going towards making sure we have everything prepared for the Elementalism launch.

Everything is almost ready for the Elementalism Kickstarter. We have a quote from a reliable manufacturer who is providing high quality custom tokens at reasonable prices and now we just need the backers to help us fund an initial print run.

Everything is lining up to make what looks like a $10,000 goal for this print run. Not cheap but that includes the cost to actually ship the game to your door.

Our current plan is to allow early backers to get rock bottom prices through Kickstarter. We are planning on having a limited number of slots for backers to obtain Elementalism below MSRP with FREE shipping. Even if people miss out on that we are including FREE shipping for all domestic backers so everyone can get the game cheaper through Kickstarter than they ever will elsewhere.

We cannot wait to get our game professionally manufactured and provide hours of fun for you and your friends.