We're working on bringing you a new exciting edition of the Lucid system. But while we do that, please enjoy free downloads of the original system devised by our good friends at PtME Productions!

LGS 3.0.1 Legacy Crossing The Dreaming 2.x

Character Sheets: The second document below is an interactive pdf but is a work in progress and may not have everything you need yet.

Character Sheet Interactive Sheet

What is the Lucid Gaming System™

From PtMe: “The LGS, as our players have affectionately dubbed it, is not a game. It doesn’t establish a world, give character and purpose to the denizens thereof, or give you the whos and whys of a world. What the LGS represents is our views on the world distilled, broken down, and recorded for you here as a starting point for your own discoveries and ideas. This is not to say we are setting you adrift without landmarks to refer back to: the World Guides The Dreaming and Legacy Crossing, as well as the Setting of Nod all exist for this very reason, in addition to several chapters of this book.”

We acquired the system in March 2015 after PtME stopped production because some of our team had worked on it in the past and we could see the value of a truly modular system that makes creating your own fully customized world easy. If you want a free copy of the old Lucid check out our download links above.

The Future of Lucid

As with all of our games, Chaos Vision Games is dedicated to developing highly functional, easy to use, and extremely fun game systems for people to play. Since our focus is on bringing customers a great experience we hope to use low cost print-on-demand (POD) technology and the ease of sharing PDFs online to bring the system to as many people as possible.

We hope to add value to the amazing game system and modules that were previously developed by PtME. We believe that by making the system easier to understand and use there will be a large number of people who will love being able to play with Lucid. Our focus is not to truly change the system, but to make it more functional/fun and we are accomplishing that by a number of different edits, including simply creating a table of contents, making fully interactive pdf characters sheets, adding professional artwork, and more.

Our initial focus is on ensuring that the core LGS system is fully functional and finished to provide the best core for people to build off of. After polishing and releasing a new version of the LGS we will move on to editing the modules and ensuring they become much easier to use. We are bringing on some fans of the old system who have been customizing it on their own time over the past few years to help with editing The Dreaming and Legacy Crossing modules.

The Old System

We are not affiliated with PtME Productions Inc. who developed the initial versions of Lucid, The Dreaming, and Legacy Crossing. Over the course of a few years PtME created and tested this phenomenal game system at conventions around Texas and established a system that people truly enjoyed using. Unfortunately, they were never able to publish an actual book version of the game and instead sold the game in three ring binders. Our goal is to take this system and polish it up then publish it as a hardcover printed volume. Because we believe that our edited version will provide true value to gamers by making the system easier to read and adding artwork we want to give everyone the opportunity to check out the old systems we now own for free.


We want to make sure to thank everyone who has been instrumental in putting this system together and making a truly fun game.

We will update this section with everyone currently and formerly involved after we acquire a list of the PtME crew who worked on it.