2 - 6 Players : Play time 10 min

What is Heroes & Hydras™

Heroes & Hydras™ is a phenomenally fun party game that pits one player against everyone else. This is a game of chance with 50 custom dice that you will want to pull out and play any time you have the chance. Choose to play the hero and you can lead your party to victory over the mighty hydra. Or chose the hydra to slaughter these wannabe heroes.

How to Play

The heroes and hydra all start off with specific unique dice. Hero starter dice have Attack, Defend, and Gain Weapon. Hydra starter dice have Attack, Miss, and Regrow Head. As players gain dice they pull from a bag of random dice, some of which enable unique powers. Each turn the players use their dice rolls to attack, defend, or gain more dice until either the Hydra looses all of it's heads (Hero Victory) or the Hydra gets to 15 heads and defeats the heroes (Hydra Victory).


We are currently focusing on Elementalism during the Kickstarter but artwork will be on the way after that.

Limited play-testing

We are currently conducting limited play-testing of the game (And it has been going GREAT!). We hope to open up play-testing to more people after we finish with our Elementalism Kickstarter.