2 Players : Play time 10-20 min

What is Elementalismâ„¢

While it may seem simple at a glance, Elementalism is a complex and cutthroat game of strategic competition. Manage your pieces, plan your moves, and crush your enemy!

How to Play

After placing their tokens on the board each player takes turns moving one piece at a time. Each player tries to capture their opponents pieces by pushing them into pitfalls, off the game board, or consuming them with a more powerful element. After a player captures 7 points worth of pieces they win. For more detailed rules go here.

Game Parts

Features a full colour, quad-fold game board, 16 double-sided game pieces, and some pretty spiffy art design, not to mention a cool box.

Elementalismâ„¢ Mobile

When you're on the go, a physical game can be too cumbersome. Enter your mobile device! Soon you will be able to bring Elementalism anywhere.

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