Cameron Bradford is looking to use his skills from working at PTME Productions crafting game systems and his degree in game design from UTD to bring unique and fun games to people. Brandon Milburn is an avid gamer who is bringing his business management experience to the table to help get games into production while continuing to pursue a bachelors degree. Both of them have been gamers all of their lives and friends for much of that. They are dedicated to developing games that are both fun to play and affordable to gamers.

Our Team

In the past few months Josh Jacob has joined the team as an owner and has brought a number of people in to help with artwork, social media, and more. The team of people currently working on these games spans the globe with people located in Australia, Canada, and our home country the United States.

Mark Rutherford has joined the team as and has created the company logo you see up top as well as the artwork for Elementalismâ„¢.

Be Part of Our Community

We are a brand new startup and are still working on getting our first product finished, however if you want to contribute to game development or have skills you would like to provide please contact us.