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We are working on new games including a table top RPG. Check out free downloads of the previous version here.Lucid GamingTry the previous version now.

It has been a while!                        Lucid Gaming System

It has been quite a few months since our last website update. However, game development has continued even though we have not been updating you on it.

Elementalism™: After the Kickstarter we decided to publish the game on The Game Crafter until we have the funds to manufacture a large print run. You can purchase one copy of the game for $29.99 with their print-on-demand service HERE. We are still looking for alternatives that can provide a higher quality and lower cost than print-on-demand can provide and will let you know when any are available.

Heroes and Hydras™: This game has been in playtesting for the past six months and has been performing phenomenally. Mark Rutherford has been working with us to ensure that our heroes are vibrant, exciting, and (most importantly) fun to play with. We cannot wait to move into production of this custom dice game.

Most of our time over the past six months has been focused on working on the Lucid system. We know that there are many people excited to see Lucid back in the works, and we plan to begin limited testing of the next version in January

You can still download the old versions on our Games page and we will begin posting some samples of the next revision after successful play testing. We are also looking for a web developer who can help us design a system for people to access new revisions online when they are finished.

If you were a big fan of the old version or want to participate in early testing of some of the revisions you can contact Josh Jacob directly at